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Utopia: Origin - New Event Notice 1/16

release time:01/15

Dear Adventurers,

Utopia Origin will be under a scheduled maintenance expected to last 2 hours from 7 am, Jan 16th. (GMT+8)

Unless stated, all the events below are available permanently. Please note that Pirate Home Pack will be off the shelf after this maintenance.


Event No.1 Last Knight

Last Knight-Vehicle (Permanent)5680 Credits


Event No.2 Capture Rare Mounts--Alligator

Alligator Feed disclosure!Alligator Feed= Mandarin Fish+Ablone+Octopus

Summer’s Reminder: Alligator is a rare mount of Beia, you will need a large amount of feed to capture it successfully.

Event No.3 Random Surprise Pack 

Random Surprise Pack (Limited-time discount for 7 days):10 Credits

Use this pack to get one of these items:

Wood *6, Wood *10, Wood *50, King Earth Worm*3, Poison Mushroom*1, Poison Mushroom*3, Poison Mushroom*1, Earthworm*5, Earthworm*10, Steak Burger*10, Steak Burger*20, Chili Seed*3, Rose Police Clothes (7 days)*1, Rose Police Pants (7 days)*1, Rose Police Shoes (7 days)*1, Rose Police Clothes (Permanent)*1, Rose Police Pants (Permanent)*1, Rose Police Shoes (Permanent)*1.

Summer’s Reminder: This Pack is only available for 7 days. Don’t miss out!

Event No.4 New Arrivals at Fashion Shop

Joker Top (M): (7days/30 days/Permanent): 90/320/640 Credits;

Margaret Top (F): (7days/30 days/Permanent): 90/320/640 Credits;

Joker Bottom (M): (7days/30 days/Permanent): 45/160/320 Credits;

Margaret Bottom (F): (7days/30 days/Permanent): 45/160/320 Credits;

Event No.5 Blueprint Making

Fort T3

S.S. Valor

Summer’s Reminder: These two above are open to making


Come on! Let’s do what we love in Beia!



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