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Dragon Boat competition Beia Carnival

release time:06/10

Summer hold a series of adventures about dragon boat 

We will make sachets, Zongzi Of course the climax part must be dragon boat competition

Hope all of adventurers could appreciate and have fun in the event

Event information:

Event Time(GMT+8): Jun. 8th 19:00pm-20:00pm

Number of participants: 10 members for 1 tribe, 4 tribes for all.

Sign Up Time (GMT+8): Jun. 3rd - Jun. 6th

Go and gather your teammates now

Event Processes:

Step 1: Making Sachet

Every team and its team member should collect Red flower, cotton,Silkworm to craft Cotton and Silk thread, then use Cotton, Petal and Silk thread to make Sachet. You must trade Sachets with judge.

When there are 50 sachets, dragon boat will be unlocked.

Step2: Making Zongzi

After making Sachets, team members can ride the dragon boat to search many islands which full of Zong zi materials. Collect them and make Zongzi on the boat. 

If there are 100 Zongzi in your team, you can back to the main island and trade with judge.

Step 3: Dragon boat competition

The first two teams who trade 100 Zongzi to the judge can enter the dragon boat race.

The team that first arrived at the Antarctic Star Lighthouse from the main island won! But attention! There will be many obstacles in the race!

Event Rewards:

Champion: Dawn Griffin *1, Black Microphone *1, Tribe Gate *1, Golden Flame *1

Runner-up: Holyflame Griffin *1, Black Microphone

*1, Candy Cane Wand Pack *1

Attending Award: Black Microphone *1


Please obey the judgment and command of the judge.

Cheating, private assistant (Including attack other tribes together, decide which team will become winner,etc.) and other illegal behaviors are prohibited.

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