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Some Tips for Jackaroo

release time:12/24

1. If you are new to this game, you are advised to choose peace suits first. If you are familiar with it, you can switch to a mixed suit. After all, you are also an experienced person.


2 , the first time to play this game, but also can not figure out the direction, follow the instructions, first banyan tree.


3. It is very necessary to make axe, raft and wooden stick with the tree.


4 , with a raft to hurry to dig the quarry, and then do a bonfire, with a bonfire to eat, or you will starve to death.


5 , water bag is also a must-have, starving to death is unacceptable, so take a stick to kill some pigs, cattle and horses, harvested hides can be used as a water bag, food can be baked to eat , supplement energy. The endurance in the water bag is used up, and it is very practical to fill the water in the swimming circle.


6 , into the game, found that the level of high-pitched people have begun to ride the mount, and I want to do what I want, then you can start from the brown horse, stun the horse with a wooden stick, pay attention to the dizziness, Then feed it to eat some carrots ( 4 is almost enough), there will be pink care on the head of it, and you can grab it with a saddle against it at this time.


7. Don't make leather armor waste energy, because the upgrade of the previous level is very fast, and it will take a long time to replace the iron armor. The endurance is higher than the leather.


8. In the early stage, you can catch a little wolf as your pet partner. Don't look at his little cockroaches. The lethality is still very strong for the early period. Just feed it and feed it with meat. Grab it. Pets are also going to be upgraded, and the lethality increases as the level increases. Let's take it with you. When you upgrade, it will also be upgraded. The upgrade speed of mining is very fast.


9 , if you want to upgrade quickly, then go to dig crystal mine, a 1000 experience, and there will be double experience when you meet Beiya welfare on the weekend. However, if you want to dig a crystal mine, you have to change a good manuscript. If you use wood, it will be too slow. Find a god that is willing to take the shackles, let him dig and dig, and dig into the crystal mine when there is only a little bit of blood, and then dig again, it will be much easier. But such a great god is not easy to find!


10 , just enter the game can also find a home to join in, oh, the so-called back to the tree to enjoy the cool, there are people who are more powerful, do things, everyone to work hard, the effect of the pole.


11. If you want to build a home, you should make a homeland cornerstone. It is good to find a piece of open space. It is recommended to place your home next to the ore. It is convenient to upgrade the mine.Iron ore is a good choice, because you need to use a lot of iron ore in order to build a big ship later.


12 , magic wand is also a very magical thing, draw the corresponding pattern will have different magic. Draw a circle is a cure. When there is not much left in life, you can use healing to get yourself back. If you don't have a flying pet and want to fly in the sky, you can use the flying magic to fly briefly.


13. The boat was accidentally killed by the small octopus, and the boat could not be recovered. Don't worry, the system will automatically return it to you after a few hours.


14 、The sleeping bag is also a good thing. This can be said to be a must-have item for resources. It is simple and quick. Put the sleeping bag near a resource point. When you want to look at it, you can quickly send it by suicide. Go there, don't run slowly. However, it should be noted that the sleeping bag placed in the wild will disappear after 24 hours, so when you have little time left, remember to take back your sleeping bag and let it go.

15 、 Trading things in this game is very common, but you need to be more stunned, otherwise it will be easy to be deceived. There are so many scammers in this game, try not to take out the sly trades first, wait for each other. 

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