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Utopia: Origin Opening Ceremony

release time:12/25

Dear adventurers :

The long-awaited trip to Utopia: Origin is finally about to start, and Summer have prepared a series of exciting activities for everyone !


Activity 1 Login to receive a gift

Activity Description: Log in to the game daily, reach the specified online time, and share the game to receive the reward.

Activity Award:

1. Daily login: Cap *5, Large Chicken Cutlet *5

2. Cumulative online 10 minutes: Cap *5, Large Chicken Cutlet *5;

Cumulative online 30 minutes: Cap *5 ;

Cumulative online 2 hours: Cap *5 , Bullhorn (S) *1

3. Share the game: Cap *5 , Large Chicken Cutlet *5

Note: Each reward for each account can only be collected once a day.


Activity 2 Top up gift

Activity Description: In-game top up reaches a certain amount to get a great gift package

Activity Award:

1. The accumulated top up reaches 30 TWD / 0.99 USD: tendon * 10 , chocolate milk * 20 , pet food * 100 , pet - cotton candy man * 1

2. The accumulated top up reaches 150 TWD / 4.99 USD: chocolate milk * 100 , orbs* 100 , steel * 100 , mount - bull elk * 1

Note: Each accumulated top up reward can only be obtained once, and the obtained pets and mounts are bound items and cannot be traded.


Activity 3 Go up hearth grade !

Time: December 26, 2018 - January 5, 2019

Activity Description: Convene your friends to build your hearth together!  Within 10 days from opening servers, upgrading hearths to achieve the appropriate level,  all the members in the hearth can get the corresponding reward

Activity Award:

1. Hearth level reaches 5 : BBQ drumstick * 10 , milk * 10 , wood * 50

2. Hearth level reaches 8 : chili seed *3 , tendon *5 , blue bird (7 days)

3. Hearth level reaches 11 : chili seed *6 , crystal pick plan *1 , rose police clothes package (7 days)


  1. Awards are issued by mail

  2. Finally rewards is based on the highest level of hearth at the      end of the event.

  3. Every qualified adventurer can only get reward once.


Activity 4 Merry Christmas

Time: December 26, 2018 - January 2, 2019

Activity Description: Christmas is coming, Summer specially prepared costumes for the adventurers , you can make your own beautiful Christmas costumes now.

Also during the event, we will refresh very rare Christmas bells on the mainland of Beia, adventurer through daily tasks, cutting down trees, looking for a Christmas bell can be exchanged for santa sleigh, while adventurers can go NPC "Christmas tree” every day , you will receive a Christmas gift, opening it you will get a hearth decoration - a Christmas tree and other random rewards .


1. Christmas costumes from 26 December 2018 to join the permanent production list

2. Santa Sleigh Exchange will be held until January 2, 2019.


Activity 5 Facebook fan page gift

Activity time: From December 26th, 2018 

Activity Description: Like and forward "Utopia: Origin" Facebook's fan page map introduces post, and @three friends can participate in the sweepstakes; when the likes of post reach 10000/20000/30000 , there will be open a map corresponding and to increase the quota of 10 lottery on fanpage, when maps are lit all, two adventurers  appearance to get rare awards!

Activity Award:

1.    30 adventurers: orbs30 *, tendon*5, rose police clothes package (7 days)*1

2.    Finally 2 adventurers: orbs* 100, ElfFish* 2,  King Snow Wolf*1, School uniforms(permanent)*1


  1. Rewards are awarded in the form of in-game mail , rewarding      mounts as bound items, unable to trade

2.      Awards will be issued within three working days after the event ends.

3.      Each bit of winning adventurer can only get a bonus once.


Activity 6 Problem Collection - Bug discoverer

Activity time: From December 26th, 2018 

Activity Description:

1.    Feedback channel :

Customer service mailbox  Utopia@herogame.com 
2. Email Name: "Utopia: Origin BUG Call for Activities" 
3. Mail content: Server; role name; BUG (question content, screenshot, phone model)

Activity Award:

Those who participate in the activity and meet the rules will be sent : BBQ drumstick *20 , orbs* 20 , small earthworm* 20 , large earthworm* 10

1. Reward will be sent through in-game mail and will be distributed within three working days after. 
2. Each adventurer can only get one reward, and multiple bugs are combined in one email.


Activity 7 Strategy collection

Activity time: From December 26th, 2018 

Event Description:We surely the first batch of adventurers to Beia land has its own understanding and experience, come to contribute and share it to the new adventurer , every conforming contribution can get rewards, Summer will also select the most valuable adventures published on the official fan page, giving contributors over-the-counter!

Submission path: official website - adventurer center, customer service email ( utopia@herogame.com ), private letter on official Facebook fanpage

Submission rules:

1. Text, pictures, video and other forms you can imagine, but not too short 

2. Please leave information about server; role name role ID and other ,  to get an award

Activity Award:

1. Participation award: tendon * 5 , orbs* 20 , small earthworm* 20 , large earthworm* 10

2. Most Valuable Award: rose police clothes package (7 days)*1, Elf Fish *2 , Snow Wolf King *1


1.      Rewards are sent in the form of in-game mail, rewarding mounts as bound items, unable to trade

2.      Each participating contestant can receive the participation award

3.      Rewards will be issued within 3 working days after the selection


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