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S.S. Valor build guides

release time:01/16

Warship is an important facility for adventurers’ survival life in Utopia world, so how shall we make one? Let’s take a look at the following guide:




Construction parts: boat bow, boat hull, paddle wheel, ship platform


Bow: steel*1000 + steam stone*500 + crystal*100

Hull: steel*3000 + gold bar*300 + wood plank*300 (note: wood plank*300 requires wood*1500 + resin*300)

Paddle wheel: steam stone*500 + refined rubber*1000 + gold bar*200

Ship platform: stone*500


In total: steel*4000 + steam stone*1000 + crystal*100 + gold bar*500 + wood*1500 + resin*300 + refined rubber*1000 + stone*500


Speed: faster than all flying dragons

Fuel: not required

Recall function: not available but position can be adjusted


Hope the above information could be helpful for our adventurers.

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