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Tips for capturing a Shark

release time:01/25


Many Adventurers may have found the beneficial of Water Mounts, and Shark is of course a good choice for you to conquer the water land! Here’re some tips for capturing a Shark!



Gray Mackerel Shark: Rare Meat Feed+Blue Lotus Feed+Clown Fish (60 Pack+)

Tigerskin Shark: Uncommon Meat Feed+Gold Arowana+Clown Fish (110 Pack+)

Young Mackerel Shark: Quality Meat Feed+Raw Lamp+Geoduck (25 Packs+)



South Star Beacon & Northern Watch Beacon (At least 4 Gray Mackerel Shark around these places)



1. The best choice of capturing a shark is to drive a S.S Valor! With the crystal equipment and recovering magic, it will be a piece of cake!

2. Take Pool Turtle and Lava Pool Turtle since they can protect you in water. Basically a Lv.20 Turtle can take 4bites from the shark. (You cannot summon pets on S.S Valor)

If you don’t have Valor, Never Mind! Summer has other guides for you


1. Be careful the distance between you and shark.

2. Use several boats to play with Shark: Stand on the furthest boat and attract Shark with Bow. Once it moves closer, go to the first boat and hit it with Blade. Blade has lower DMG but faster ATK SPD is faster than Bow!

3. Better to take some Holyflame Foods. Such as: Holyflame Drumstick(DMG+) or Holyflame Game Meat(Defense+)


1. Using single boat. Better taking Pool Turtle and Lava Pool Turtle to protect you from getting hurt.

2. Stand on stern (as far as you can from Shark). Best way is to jump into the water and board @stern.

3. Leather; Game Meat; Rare Meat may drop while beating Shark, also you have 70% chance getting Shark Heart, and 10% chance getting Ancient Tooth.

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