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Guide of Pet Merge

release time:03/20

1.      Tap “Merge” icon to enter Pet Merge page.

2.      Tap the plus icon on left-hand side to add the pet.

3.      Tap the plus icon on right-hand side to add the pet.

4.      Tap “Merge” and consume the Merge Stone to merge the pet.

5.      After pet merging, player would receive a level 1 pet (as the Merge Table). The item and two pets would be consumed.

6.      The pet might be randomly mutated during pet merging. The result from Pet Mutation is random. The mutated pet could not be merged again.


There is level requirement for pet merging. Please check following table to get more information:

Pet Merge Table

Pet A

Merged New Pet

Pet B

Green Lizard (Lv.10)

Greywing Dragon (Lv.1)

Green Lizard (Lv.10)

Greywing Dragon (Lv.15)

Redwing Dragon (Lv.1)

Blue Lizard (Lv. 20)

Redwing Dragon (Lv.40)

Bluewing Dragon (Lv.1)

Blood Lizard (Lv.30)

Bluewing Dragon (Lv.50)

Indigowing Dragon (Lv.1)

Venom Dragon (Lv.50)

Indigowing Dragon (Lv.55)

Purplewing Dragon (Lv.1)

King Venom Dragon (Lv.55)

Turtle (Lv.5)

Green Giant (Lv.1)

Turtle (Lv.5)

Green Giant (Lv.30)

Brown Giant (Lv.1)

Pool Turtle (Lv.30)

Brown Giant (Lv.35)

Pink Giant (Lv.1)

Lava Turtle (Lv.35)

Pink Giant (Lv.40)

Red Giant   (Lv.1)

Mammoth (Lv.40)

Red Giant (Lv.45)

Crystal Giant (Lv.1)

Snow Mammoth (Lv.45)

Pet Repair: Repair the mutated pet and make the pet mergeable.

Consuming the Pet Marrow to repair the pet. Repaired pet could be merged as original.


    Pet Evolution: Consuming items to make the pet getting stronger.

There is initial quality requirement for Pet Evolution. The higher total initial quality of two pets is, the better chance to obtain a pet with high initial quality after merging.

For an example:

If the range of pet’s initial quality is 50 – 100, the relevance of initial quality and evolution grade would be:

50 – 60: Grade 1

60 – 70: Grade 2

70 – 80: Grade 3

80 – 90: Grade 4

90 – 100: Grade 5


Note: Once the pet is repaired or evolved, it would not be able to put into cage.

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