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Some Recipes of Beia Archipelago

release time:11/12

Strawberry=Strawberry Jam (Food,Water+ 20)

Strawberry +Wheat=Strawberry Pie (Food+ 20,Water+ 5,Stamina +10)

Strawberry +Coconut= Strawberry Coconut Gel (Food+ 30

Strawberry+ Milk=Strawberry Milk (Food +30

Strawberry+ Milk +Wheat=Strawberry Cake (Food+ 30

Honey+ Raw Egg= Honey Egg Soup (Food +30

Milk+ Mushroom= Cream of Mushroom Soup (Food+ 20,Water+ 50)

Milk+ Red Mushroom=Red Mushroom Soup (Food+ 20,Water +50,Cold Res II buff)

Milk+ Blue Mushroom=Blue Mushroom Soup (Food +20,Water+ 50,Heat Res II buff)

Milk+ Coconut= Coconut Milk (Food+ 5,Water+ 20,Heat Res I buff)

Milk+ Wheat+ Coconut= Tapioca (Food +10,Water +20,Heat Res I buff)

Raw Drumstick+ Mushroom= Chicken Mushroom Stew ( Food +20,Water +50,Stamina I buff)

Apple+ Wheat=Apple Pie (Food+ 30

Raw Steak +Wheat= Beef Bun (Food+ 30

Pumpkin + Wheat= Pumpkin ball (Food+ 30

Game Meat + Wheat=Game Meat Bun (Food+ 30

BBQ Egg+ Wheat= Egg Yolk Ball (Food+ 30

Carrot+ Raw Lamp Chop=lamb chop Soup (Food+ 50,Water +50,Stamina II buff)

Tomato=Tomato Jam (Food +30

Tomato +Raw Pork Chop= Ribs (Food,Water+ 30,Stamina II buff)

Tomato +Raw Steak=Grilled Steak (Food +100,Stamina II buff)

Tomato+ Salmon=Salmon Sashimi (Food+ 30

Raw Pork Chop+ Wheat=Pork Bun (Food +30

Tuna +Wheat=Tuna Onigiri (Food+ 40

Tuna +Wheat+ Tomato=Tuna Burger (Food +30

Salmon+ Tomato +Wheat=Salmon Burger (Food+ 30

Carp + Sugarcane = Sweet & Sour Carp (Food+ 50,Stamina II buff)

Chili+ Raw Pork Chop=Stir-fry Meat with Chili (Food+ 20,Water +5,Cold Res II buff)

Spinach +Raw Egg=Scrambled Egg with Spinach - Basic (Food +30

Spinach+ BBQ Egg=Scrambled Egg with Spinach - Basic (Food+ 30

Spinach+ Raw Egg+ Soybean=Spinach with Egg (Food +60

Cocoa Bean=Chocolate Jam (Food+ 30

Cocoa Bean +Coconut=Chocolate Succulent coconut (Food +30

Cocoa Bean+ Milk=Chocolate Milk (Food+ 20,Water +40)

Cocoa Bean +Milk+ Wheat=Chocolate Cake (Food +40

Cocoa Bean+ Milk+ Red Bean= Pearl Milk Tea (Food+ 50

Red Bean +Wheat= Bean Paste Bun (Food +40,Water-10)

BBQ Octopus +Wheat= Takoyaki (Food +20

BBQ Octopus+ Wheat+ Tomato=Squid Burger (Food +30

BBQ Drumstick+ Wheat+ Tomato=classic Burger (Food+ 60

BBQ Pork Chop+ Wheat+ Tomato=Pork Chop Burger (Food+ 30

BBQ Steak+ Wheat+ Tomato=Steak Burger (Food+ 80

BBQ Game Meat + Wheat+ Tomato=Game Meat Burger (Food +30

Lobster+ Wheat= Lobster Ball (Food +30

Crawfish+ Wheat= Shrimp Ball (Food +30

Crawfish+ BBQ Chili=Spicy Crawfish (Food+ 80,Stamina II buff)

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