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Producing Pets on Beia

release time:11/14

In addition to mounts and pets, there are some creatures that can be used for production. How can a pet produced?

How to capture the production pets? What’s the use of them? Let's figure it out together.

For now, there are only three types of pets currently available: Cow, Sheep and chicken.

About how to capturing the production pets, first of all, we need food that pets love the most: wheat;

Capture the production pets or home pets, we need collar(Iron ingots*1+ Leather cloth*1)

As well as catching the Combat pets, we need to knock them down. After love bubbles appear above its head, you can catch with collar.

How can pets produced and how to get pets to produce?

First, prepare the weaving frame and fuel wheat, which are the production need;

Weaving box practice: Straw*20+ Plant Fiber *50

Wheat feed: one wheat fodder needs five wheat, we can produce it in our workbench

Then, put the pet on the ground, click on the production button, put it into the weaving frame, click on the fuel, and add the wheat fodder;

A pack of wheat fodder is the amount of a weaving frame, fed to the amount of the weaving frame you put and wait for the harvest.

What are the pet production and the role of the production?

The production of a cow is a basket of milk, which can be used to obtain 5 bottles of milk and return the weaving frame also.

The production of a sheep is a basket of wool. You can get 5 wools from a basket of wool and return the woven frame

The production of the chicken is a basket of eggs, which can be obtained by using a basket of eggs and return the weaving frame.

When your cattle and hens are large enough, your animal husbandry will be built. Of course, for beauty, you can fence them in a fence.

milk+Rare Meat Feed+Carrot Feed(max 20 packet)

Cocoa Bean+Red Bean+milk= Pearl Milk Tea(+40food,+25Water content)

Coconut+ Wheat +milk= Tapioca(+60food,+30Water content)

Cocoa Bean+milk=Chocolate milk(+40food,+25Water content)

Blueberry+milk=Blueberrymilk(+40food,+25Water content)

BlueberryStrawberry+milk=BlueberryStrawberrymilk(+40food,+25Water content)

Banana+milk=Bananamilk(+40food,+25Water content)

Coconut+milk= Coconut milk(+40food,+25Water content)

Red Mushroom +milk=Red Mushroom Soup(+50food,+30Water content,Cold Res II)

Blue Mushroom +milk= Blue Mushroom Soup(+50food,+30Water content ,Heat Res II)

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