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Location of Poison Mushroom

release time:11/14

Poisonous mushroom, a purple poisonous mushroom that eats food+5 life-5, can be synthesized from a workbench into a poisonous mushroom feed package, which is used to feed the venom dragon king, a venom dragon or a venom dragon king. It takes about 70 poisonous mushrooms to catch a venom dragon or a venom king.

Venom Dragon has a good attack in pvp, it can poison opponents, and it is a shooter pet, there is no chance to let opponents around

Location of Poisonous mushroom

The first picture is on the left side of the Fairy River of Silvermoon Hills.

The three above is on the left side of the skull of Jade Prairie.


On the map, there is still a sign on the top of the skull under the Jade Prairie. There are too many nearby people to collect.

The picture above is below the Herder Plains.

These three are located at the Cape Forest.


Above is the Joy River Valley.

The picture above is located near the Herder Plains. There is still a coordinate near the map above (13299.10040).

When looking for poisonous mushrooms, you can compare the maps and numbers in the upper left corner.

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