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How to survive on Beia?

release time:11/15

Utopia:Origin is a high degree of freedom sandbox game, and novice guidance is also very simple. The player who is the first time contact with this game will be very puzzled in a long time. Following we will show you how to survive in the game.

When You First Play on Beia...

The first step after entering the world:

Attacking trees with your hands (two drops of blood at a time), don't go away immediately after the tree falls. When the tree falls, there will be a small hand icon next to it. Click on it to get the wood.

After collecting enough wood, second steps are taken.

Click on the upper right corner of the production function, then make a wooden draft, and now you can collect stones.

After the stone is finished like wood, it is necessary to click on the small hand icon to get the stone.

To make irons, we need to collect materials by ourselves. Silver equipment and gold equipment need us to collect materials step by step.

Third step: rapid upgrading

Previous experience upgrades are needed to gather strawberries for grapes, brush collection will have experience value upgrade (the highest is mining, followed by cutting trees), collecting materials during the day as far as possible, making a fire at night, no fire to gather in places where there are many people.

Don't be alone at night, or there will be bears and wolves, but don't be afraid of encountering a bear, it moves at the same speed as you, you just need to find a tree, go straight to the tree and press forward, you will automatically switch to the third person in the tree, the bear will leave in a moment.

Wolves move very fast, you run is useless, in addition to climbing trees, is jumping the river, wolves and bears can not enter the water, you swim to the other side, they will leave automatically.

The fourth step: learn to use magic.

Magic circles seem to be able to cause damage by magic.

Personally, I recommend magic painting. Lightning is lightning stroke, circle is healing, triangle is calling an inscription wall, then drawing an inverted V is flying, you need to aim at the ground long press, then release can fly for a short time.

Remember that at the beginning of development, we must follow large forces, so that the survival rate will be greatly improved.

Then the wooden cabinet is to store things, sleeping bags can be used as a resurrection point, put up to 10, home early joined the early creation, after all, many people can share resources, so eat what do not worry.


Kill chicken can get raw chicken, click on the small hand beside the fire, into the production, you can cook chicken, other meat can also be, and supplement water can eat apple grapes, etc., the higher the level of action, the more green circle, work to consume the middle of the green circle, can not work.

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