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Advice for novice

release time:11/15

First: Peace suit! Peace suit! Peace suit! Many novices are curious to hear the name of the melee suit, are eager to try, and the results are all bruised. Scuffle suits are common for killing and looting homes. Want a treasure chest? Fight first and then say! Scuffle suits are mostly veterans of internal testing. So, the melee suit is extremely dangerous, and many novices are disappointed with the game, so the peace suit is the novice choice

Second: beware of being deceived. It has to be said that there are cheaters in this game, and many of them are fraudulent. It is the lowest level of deception to buy friends after you have finished shopping, and the other ones, for example, say 7990 of the fire horses, and put them in a cage. The result is * a pig. A good sword has demons and stamina, but it only adds weight and food. And so on... So be careful when you can trade, look at each other's ranks when you come out, and see if you play regularly (my rule is that you don't want to do business with me ten times lower than me), and look at pet types and attributes when you buy a pet mount on the trade screen.

Third: pay attention to scarce resources. There's no need to mention the treasure chest. It's something you have to see. Maybe you'll meet a robber, but you can also be a robber. (See Chaos 1 for more information on the rules for carrying boxes.) By the way, the first person attack treasure box does not hurt and the attack distance is lengthened. Other resources, such as chili peppers, truffles, purple, pink phosphors, red, blue lotus, poisonous mushrooms and so on, are extremely rare. Pick them when you meet them.

Fourth: don't take risks too much. Death is the fall of relics (except death protection period) and the 10% penalty for reducing the current experience. Many novices can't help but look at the handsome Tyrannosaurus Rex and the lovely pond turtle, but they'll kill you if you don't watch out, and they'll continue to kill you if you pick up your belongings... When you meet a kid at night, when you meet a wolf, a bear, a saber-toothed tiger, a venom dragon, a violent rabbit and so on in the daytime, you should pay attention to, and think about whether your level can beat.

Fifth: the thief is hard to guard against. Keep an eye out when you take in new people, because many people come across situations where your home takes in new people, gives them things to share, and the person immediately takes all your resources and leaves the home. My neighbours have had this kind of situation, so I suggest that the home should not be allowed permission immediately when receiving people, to observe for a day or two.

Sixth: See more strategies. I have to say that this game is not just need the time. The strategy the recipe, pet feed, resource refresh point is very important. If you don't know, you can't play at all. strategies are very important. Please go to the official website to see more information.

Seventh: Do not bulk up the orbs. For beginners, brushing orbs is a waste of energy, so in the early time the magic crystal is very expensive, and then as the grade increases, the magic crystal yield also rises. So, don't spend a lot of time in the early stage.

Eighth: retain resources. Some resources will only be useful later. Truffles, for example, were initially harvested by 50 magic crystals. Don't sell them, because they are extremely scarce resources. Tyrannosaurus Rex feed can be made to catch Tyrannosaurus Rex at level 45. Purple Pink phosphors can be used for making alchemy and wind bell sets after class 40 (one set needs 100). There is no harm in preparing ahead of time. Otherwise, when you really need it, you have to pay a fantastic price to buy it.

Ninth: Make good use of the Magic. The use of sticks, circles is the key to life-saving magic recovery, painting the "convex" font can be turned into a fire magic silver mine flame magic, drawing a square can transform silver mine ice magic mine, hit on the ground can form an acceleration circle Ice magic, drawing is lightning magic, drawing triangles can turn stone into stone man, tree into tree man, the ground out of a wall of the summon magic, and inverted V is the most useful fly slowing down magic.

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