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Species of trees and fallen guidance

release time:12/10

InUtopia:Origin, I believe everyone is familiar with tree cutting, the introduction chapter has guided you to learn the skill of tree cutting, but how to cut trees easily, what kinds of trees are there?Tree fall classification daquan, let us have a look together!

First cut down a tree (absolutely real kung fu) with your bare hands. Use wood to make a wooden axe. Don't do it again with your bare hands. (⊙﹏⊙)

With the wooden axe, everyone can go to practice the famous saying of baya continent, "To get rich, cut down trees first".

Recommend apple trees, because I don't think there is a higher variety of trees than it will fall, it may fall: apple, honey, wood, grass, silkworm, leaves, resin a total of seven things.


Trees fall into categories

Here are some of the fallen items from various trees:

Poplar: wood, thatch, resin, silkworm, leaves;

Apple trees: wood, thatch, resin, silkworms, leaves, apples, honey;

Rubber trees: wood, thatch, resin, silkworms, leaves;

Pine/cedar: wood, thatch, resin, pine nuts;

Banana tree: wood, thatch, resin, banana;

Coconut trees: wood, thatch, resin, coconut;

Poplar: wood, thatch, resin;

Fern trees: wood, thatch, resin;

Here are four trees that drop enchantment stones

Bomb tree: wood, thatch, resin, fire enchantment stone, bomb fruit;

Dragon blood tree: wood, grass, resin, ice enchantment stone;

Breadfruit: wood, thatch, resin, electric enchantment stone;

Shade tree: wood, grass, resin, three kinds of magic stone;

Among them, apples, honey, coconut and bananas can be used for cooking;Honey is for bears, bananas are for giant apes.Resin wood thatch can be used as building materials;Of course!Wood is so useful that it is needed in many places.

As for enchantment stone, the equipment enchantment magic high is the best, so cannot leave a large number of it.


Axe damage and classification

Then I will tell you about the damage of axe to trees in each stage:

Wooden axe -8, iron axe -9, silver axe -10, gold axe -11, crystal axe -12;

If the additional attribute has a + 1 damage to the tree then add a little total damage:

Level 1 enchantment stone can enchantment the first two times, plus 1 point of tree damage;

Level 2 enchantment can enchantment 3 times, plus 1-2 damage to trees.

Level 3 electric enchants can also enchant for 3 times, plus 2 damage to trees.

Currently up to 19 drops of blood can be cut from a tree at a time.Legend has it that the epic good common axe does the same damage to trees


Blood volume and distribution of trees

To cut down the trees for everyone, here is how much blood they have:

Poplar/poplar/apple tree/banana/fern/pine/cedar are all 60 blood;

Coconut trees have 20-60-100 blood;

Baobab/dragon blood/bomb/rubber is 140 blood;

Block tree 250 blood (the highest amount of blood in trees);

So, I recommend, everybody has enchantments to cut down the axe of tree harm 15 points is enough ~ (after all, the tree that often cuts down passes 15 damage to 4 axe thing, highest 19 you cannot cut down a tree 3 again) for instance, cut down a tree enough.

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