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Young Mackerel Shark

release time:12/11

 Young mackerel shark feed for: like pull mussel + high quality meat + lamb chop 25 bags of stable wooden stick knock halo

The best for a baby mackerel shark

Weight: 25

Water speed :8200

Sprint speed :16500

Location captured: archipelago 7 (11452,7620) archipelago 10 (6068,15965)

If it is riding mount into the water, then into the water will be automatically replaced with sharks, sharks on land automatically replace mount

In addition:

Mackerel shark feed: blue lotus bag + rare meat + clownfish, 60 bags of stability

Tiger skin shark: golden arowana + rare meat + clownfish, 110 packets stable

Golden arowana in the four corners of the water can be caught with a hairy crab bait or crayfish bait, the probability and spirit fish almost, but do not return bait

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