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Young Mackerel Shark

release time:12/11

 Young Mackerel Shark 

Feed recipe: Quality Meat Feed + Geoduck + Raw Lamb Chop (25 packs guaranteed)


Water speed :7500~8200

Load: 25

Sprint speed :15500~16500

Location:  (11452,7620) (6068,15965)

Young Mackerel Shark is a mount whicn can be used in water exclusively. When you walk in water area, your mount will be automatically replaced by shark when set.

Additional notes:

Gray Mackerel Shark feed: Quality Meat Feed + Blue Lotus Feed + Clown Fish, 60 packs guaranteed

Tigerskin Shark: Uncommon Meat Feed + Golden Arowana + Clown Fish, 110 packs guaranteed

Golden Arowana has chance to be caught by fishing with hairy crab bait in Night Ocean or Storm Ocean.

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