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Giant Ape

release time:12/11

Utopia: origin giant ape is one of the fiercest battle pets in the game. Where is utopia: origin giant ape?What do giant apes eat?How do giant apes catch them?Below small make up bring "utopia: origin" giant ape how tame the relevant content, have a look together!

The ape

Feed:banana + pine nut + hairy crab

Category: world Boss (level 40 capture)

Qualification: 3.3-1.4-1.3 distribution

Specialty: no distribution of continents, the full moon is easier to find


Bash the pet ready to bash its enemy

Attack aura increases attacks by family members within 8 meters

The giant ape taming method

First, don't ride;

Second, you can't keep pets, unless you keep pets indefinitely;

Third, monsters have hate value, anti-damage crystal can resist two, rejuvenation plus two.

Fourth, a person can't play, at least two people take turns to attract hate value, can't bear to remember to run, also don't run too far, or teammates can't play, you may be killed by the orangutan.

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