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King Venom Dragon

release time:12/11

In utopia: origin, the venomous dragon king is a new warpet and a new member of the venomous dragon family.So where is the dragon king of creation and magic venom?What does the venomous dragon king eat?How does the venomous dragon king capture it?Below small make up bring the creation and magic poison dragon king how to tame the relevant content, have a look together!

Where is the venomous dragon king?

Venomous dragon king in the game now refresh sites are: silver moon mountain ruins, side and cold wind canyon, ocean island;Refresh every half an hour or so;

If you find any other refresh sites, please feel free to leave a message;              


How does the venom dragon king capture?

The venomous dragon king can be used as a war pet and mount. After stunning the wild venomous dragon king, he can be fed with a feed bag and caught with a saddle or a trap.

What does the dragon king eat?How is feed made?

The feed material of poison dragon king is: poison mushroom feed + turtle egg + rare meat;

What is venom dragon king qualification

Venom dragon king initial capture level 55, maximum level 65, attack qualification in 1.5~1.8;

What does venomous dragon king drops

After killing the venomous dragon king, there is a chance to drop animal skins, game meat and rare feeding meat;

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