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King Venom Dragon

release time:12/11

King Venom Dragon is one of the combat pets in Utopia: Origin. So where is King Venom Dragon located in Utopia: Origin? What does King Venom Dragon eat? How to capture it? Below is a quick preview of King Venom Dragon, let's take a look together!

Where is the King Venom Dragon?

King Venom Dragon respawn points are in Shadesnow Mountain and the respawn time takes 1.5 hours.                                 

How to caputre the King Venom Dragon?

King Venom Dragon can be used as a combat pet and mount. After stunning the wild King Venom Dragon, it can be fed and caught with a mount saddle or a snare.

What does the King Venom Dragon eat?How to make the feeds?

The feed recipe is: Poison Mushroom Feed + Uncommon Meat Fee + Turtle Egg

What about the stats of King Venon Dragon?

King Venom Dragon can be captured when reahcing level 55 and its attack factor range is 1.5~1.8.

What items does King Venom Dragon drop?

After killing King Venom Dragon, there is a chance to drop hides, game meat and uncommon meat feed.;

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