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Dark T-Rex

release time:12/11

In Utopia: origins dark tyrannosaurus rex is one of the game's fiercest battle pets. The new version opens the mounts!Where is the dark tyrannosaurus rex of creation and magic?What does the dark tyrannosaurus rex eat?How did the dark tyrannosaurus rex catch it?Below small make up bring the creation and magic dark Lord dragon dragon how to tame the relevant content, take a look together!

Dark tyrannosaurus rex


Feed:elephant pull mussel (hairy crab bait in return for lake fishing) + rare meat + rare meat

Category: world Boss& mount (level 50) 

Pet qualification: 3.3-2.0-0.5

Mount qualification: 7500 (speed) 65 (weight)

Distribution: to the valley of life and luguang islands


Bite deals more damage while bleeding

How to get:

The new version of Boss is now very easy to fight, always run Boss will not go back;

First of all, the grade reaches level 50, and then the head is ready to be cut. Finally, the head is ready to go in circles around the refresh point and shoot while running.

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