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release time:12/11

Mammoth is one of the fiercest combat pets in Utopia: Origin. So where is Mammoth in Utopia: Origin? What does the Mammoth eat? How to capture it? Below is a quick preview of Mammoth, let's take a look together!


Category: World Boss/Combat Pet (required level: 40)

Feed recipe: Lobster + Carrot Feed + Cone

Highest stats

HP factor: 3.3

Attack factor: 1.4

Defense factor: 1.3 

Location: can be found in all continents.

Drop item: Ivory 


Bash -  the pet is ready to bash its enemy

Defense Aura - increases the defense ability of a hearth membe within 8 meters

Mammoth capture methods

Prepare props:

1. Set fire to the first, then use the arrow mammoth.

2. Iron arrow (silver arrow) needs about 350 shots.

3. A silver bow is required (with four-point repair materials).

4. Mammoth feeds.

5. The last and most important catcher.

6. Bring some food with cold-resistance effect(here Summer recommends to bring roasted pepper, a lamb chop soup, lamb chop carrot cooking) a cold, a moisture food 50, endurance regardless.

Players at least a set of armor stability, to avoid operational errors, not mistakes are basically harmless, the strongest mammoth can be obtained.

Coordinates: mammoths can be found in hilly regions

Capture process:

1. Put a campfire in front of the mammoth, then began to shoot it with a bow and arrow, because the campfire is a safe area, so the mammoth will escape, at this time can chase the mammoth shoot, until leaving the range of the campfire;

2. After leaving the campfire, mammoths would turn around and attack. They would shoot and run towards the campfire.

3. Knock the mammoth with a wooden stick when it is about a quarter full of blood, then feed it with grass and catch it with a trap!

PS: Mammoth has pretty high HP so the whole capture process takes about half an hour. Be patient, my friends!

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