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release time:12/11

Utopia: origins mammoth is one of the game's fiercest battle pets. Where is the mammoth of creation and magic?What did mammoths eat?How do mammoths catch them?Below small make up bring the creation and magic mammoth dragon how to tame the relevant content, have a look together!

The mammoth


Feed: turnip wrap + pinecone + lobster

Category: world Boss (level 40 capture)

Qualification: 3.3-1.4-1.3 

Distribution:distributed in all continents, recommend morning fog

Specialty: ivory 


Bash the pet ready to bash its enemy

Defense aura increases the ability of a family member to defend within 8 meters

Mammoth capture methods

Prepare props:

1, first players set fire to the first, then use the arrow mammoth.

2. Iron arrow (silver arrow) needs about 350 shots.

3. A silver bow is required (with four-point repair materials).

4. Mammoth feed (carrot + pine nut + lobster).

5. The last and most important catcher.

6, bring some cold food (here is recommended to bring two is a roasted pepper, a lamb chop soup, lamb chop carrot cooking) a cold, a moisture food 50, endurance regardless.

Players at least a set of armor stability, to avoid operational errors, not mistakes are basically harmless, the strongest mammoth can be obtained.

Coordinates: mammoths can be found in hilly regions

Capture process:

1, put a bonfire in front of the mammoth, then began to shoot it with a bow and arrow, because the bonfire is a safe area, so the mammoth will escape, at this time can chase the mammoth shoot, until leaving the range of the bonfire;

2. After leaving the campfire, mammoths would turn around and attack. They would shoot and run towards the campfire.

3. Knock the mammoth with a wooden stick when it is about a quarter full of blood, then feed it with grass and catch it with a trap!

PS: mammoth blood is too thick, so the whole capture process takes about half an hour, my friends should be patient!

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