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Green Pepper

release time:12/11

Green pepper is  a material  in Utopia:Origin, green pepper can be used to make dishes. Many friends do not know where there are green pepper, what food green pepper can make , then following together to see.


Green pepper is mainly distributed in Joy River Valley




 Large Scallop +Wheat+Green pepper  

Large Scallop Pizza+40Food+10Water 

Small Scallop +Wheat+Green pepper

Small Scallop Pizza+35Food+10Water 

Green pepper+ Pepper + BBQ Lamp Chop 

 Black Pepper Lamb Chop+70Food 

Mushroom +Green pepper+Raw Drumstick 

 Yellow Pot Chicken+60Food 

Holyflame Green pepper 

Food+10, Cold ResSolid I 

BBQ Green   pepper 

 Food+5, Cold   Res I 

Green pepper+Onion+ Bullfrog 

Stir-fried Bullfrog+70Food 

Hairtail+Green pepper+ Bamboo Shoot  

Steamed Hairtail with Chopped Chili+105FoodCold Res   II 

 Hairtail+Green pepper+ Taro

Braised Hairtail with Taro+80Food 

 Green pepper+ Mandarin Fish

Spicy Mandarin Fish+60Food 

Green pepper+Egg 

 Fried Egg with Green Pepper+40Food 

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