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Uncovering Treasure Chest Location

release time:01/24

There’re many hidden Treasure Chests on Beia Land waiting for all the warriors to discover! And it’s also a convenient way to get various resources! Summer will take you to uncover some of the knowing Treasure Chest Location now!


Part One: Tulip Plains

①Sunset Relic

You can find 2 kinds of Chests here: Advanced Gold Treasure Chest (Contains Ivory); Silver Treasure Chest; Gold Treasure Chest (Contains Fire Enchant Stone*6; Ice Enchant Stone*6; Lightning Enchant Stone*6)

Note: Relic has defender

[Advanced Gold Treasure Chest]

Location: Sunset Relic

Contains: Ice Enchant Stone*6+Ivory

Tips: Hard to pass with 1st person operation, clear the Skulls on left side first 

Note: Weather is extremely cold, not recommend for Green Hands, the Defender is Mornmist Forest

[Normal Gold Treasure Chest]

Contains: Ice Enchant Stone*3+Turtle Shell or Ruby

Tips: Flying Magic+First Person Operation

Not: Turtle Shell is essential when you reach Lv.35 and make Gold Armor. Get Rubies in Gold Mine.

②Snow Mountain Relic

Tips: Safe when Campfire is on, the skulls won’t hurt you. The more closer to campfire, the more safer you are. 

Note: Place to collect sword and bow blueprint! No harm, even if you’re green hand, feel free to come!

Warning: The Defender is at the front or left side of Relic. You can get back to the start point to restart. Chance to get 60+ Enchant Stone each hour!


Part Two: Bread Island (Fire Enchant Stone)

You can find 2 Advanced Gold Treasure Chests here. Get 10+ Fire Enchant Stone each time!


1. There’s both Defender and Start Point here.

2. Clear all the Blood Lizard first.

3. You can get by all the attacking if you know the frequency. Step back a little when the monster attacks you and kill them when they finish attacking! (Practice with cow and normal lizard first)


Part Three: Other Locations

1. 1748, 1658 - Between a giant rock and a huge tree, hidden in the dark and hard to notice.

2. 1687, 258 - Just nearby a house. Find the chest at the back of that house.

3. 1154, 647- Chest is hidden in the house, reach 2nd floor to find it.

4. 144, 256 - Down in Seabed, capture a Blowfish to reach Seabed.

5. 2568, 774-  Chest is hidden in the house, nearby a Forge.

6. Historic Relic - Chance to get crystal blueprint. 

7. Bread Islan - Nearby the tree.

8. Path of Penance - Hidden in the Canyon.

9. Sweetdew Highland - Located on the Top.

10. Soulcache Mountains - Located on Mountain Range.

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